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Through the Periods of Period products

Through the Periods of Period Products - A look at the History of Menstrual Products. Devika. J The monthly affirmation of female reproductive ability got its name, Periods, in the 1820s (1) Until then, though the taboo surrounding menstruation was strong and very much factually off, it was an inconvenience at best, and a danger at worst. Period products were 'Natural' and frugal, like rags (5th -15th Century), soft papyrus, sea sponges, moss, buffalo skin etc. (before the 5th Century) (1) In the 1850s, menstruators started shunning rags and using more layers (of cotton or flannel), to absorb the blood, leading to the roll out of the Sanitary Apron - a rubber strip that ran between the legs and prevented the blood from spreading to the dress or seats. It served as a predecessor for Menstrual Belts.(1) Menstrual Belts  Menstrual belts, essentially, cloth belts onto which absorbent fabric can be pinned, were commercialised and launched as “Lister's Towels’. The explicit name,

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